#Tech: First Google Starts Charging For Google Photo Storage. Now They Want Free Labor And Your Photos

New York (The Verge) — Google wants you to help train its AI by labeling images in Google Photos trib.al/KOCKpG9.

Google Photos on Android has a new optional feature that lets users describe the content of their photos to improve the app’s object recognition AI. Machine learning systems need labelled data to learn about the world, and Google is asking its users to help out if they want to.

This isn’t an unusual practice at all. Machine learning systems don’t just learn by themselves, and the vast majority of these applications need to be taught using data labeled by humans. It’s the same reason that CAPTCHAs ask you to identify cars and motorbikes in images. By identifying these objects you’re training AI to do the same.

The feature appears in the most recent version of Google Photos. Just tap on the search button in the app’s menu, scroll down, and you’ll see an option to “Help improve Google Photos.” As reported by 9to5Google, click on it and you’ll be presented with four tasks: to describe your printing preferences for photos; your preferred collages or animations; to identify which photos belong to which holiday events (eg Christmas or Halloween); and to identify the contents of photos (“Name the most important things in this photo”). James Vincent/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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