@Verge — #SpaceX Aborts Test Flight Of Starship Prototype At One Second To Liftoff

New York (The Verge) — Watch SpaceX fly a prototype of its Starship rocket to its highest altitude yet trib.al/6MGiTY5.

On December 8th, SpaceX planned to conduct its most ambitious test flight yet of its Starship prototype — but aborted the launch at just 1.3 seconds to liftoff.

The test is meant to prove out Starship’s capability of launching and landing upright, something the spacecraft will be expected to do both on Earth and on other worlds. SpaceX aims to use Starship to send cargo and people to deep-space destinations like the Moon and Mars. A test like this will help demonstrate Starship’s ability to perform a controlled flight and see if the rocket’s hardware — particularly the three main Raptor engines — functions as expected. Loren Grush/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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