#SVOD: You’ve Seen @DisneyPlus’ Carrot, Now Here’s The Stick — Subscription Fee Price Hike

DisneyPlus-New-Rate2New York (The Verge) — Disney Plus is increasing its price to $8 a month starting in March 2021 theverge.com/2020/12/10/221….

Disney is planning to introduce a ton of new content to Disney Plus and, as part of it, will introduce a price hike to subscribers in the United States. The move comes just a couple of months after Netflix introduced its own price hike.

Disney Plus is increasing its price to $8 a month starting in March 2021.

The move comes after a lengthy presentation showing what Disney is bringing to Disney Plus. As the company invests in content, the company has to raise prices to recoup that loss. This is the first time that Disney Plus has received a price hike. It arrives just a couple of months after Netflix announced it was increasing prices for subscribers in the United States, including raising its most popular plan from $13 to $14 a month.

Although it seems early for a Disney Plus hike, the announcement comes amidst a flurry of other announcements over TV shows and movies heading to Disney Plus. The more that Disney spends on content for its service, the more revenue Disney needs to invest. When Netflix’s Greg Peters, chief operating officer and chief product officer, was asked about price hikes, he said Netflix will “occasionally go back and ask [customers] to pay a little bit more to keep that virtuous cycle of investment and value creation going.” Disney is now doing the same thing. Julia Alexander/@verge

Source: verge, full story, Disney Investor Day 2020


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