#SVOD “The Jinkx And Dela Holiday Special” Now Streaming On Hulu; #DragRace #AllStars #LGBT

“The Jinkx And Dela Holiday Special” Now Streaming On Hulu


I have no words! After years of producing, directing and writing live theatre under my production company BenDeLaCreme Presents, the wild winding road of 2020 forced me to embark on a whole new journey: making a MOVIE. “The Jinkx & Dela Holiday Special” marks my first time directing and producing a feature film with my team, and it was important for us to provide queer holiday entertainment, made by queer entertainers.

I am thrilled and supremely grateful to Hulu for streaming “The Jinkx & Dela Holiday Special” on their platform starting today, for U.S. audiences.

Head to Hulu to watch as many times as you want, and rent or buy at http://jinkxanddela.com to keep the yuletide gay for many years to come! You’ll also find a festive assortment of Jinkx and Dela Holiday merch to keep your spirit bright. I hope this movie becomes part of your holiday traditions to come.

And to my brilliant co-star, writing partner, sister and friend Jinkx Monsoon: WE. DID. IT. Couldn’t be prouder to have you by my side.


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