bluebay700.com is a lifestyle magazine and online publishing portal, geared towards the LGBT+ community, particularly covering the areas of creative arts, fashion, fitness, drag, LGBT-related topics, current events and pop culture.


To delight and inspire the world through great stories of life experiences and photography.

It’s all about celebrating and living life, creative expression, and sharing life experiences. All for fun, with humor and a hint of sarcasm. Viva su vida!


bluebay700.com is also a publishing portal, along with our official social media publishing channels @UhmazingPress on Twitter and Instagram.


We recently launched our lightweight mobile portal, m.bluebay700.com, designed for easy access to articles and photographs. Event photographs (like performances and meet and greets), commissioned photography or casual solo portraitures are even more easier to find and download or share. Access bluebay700 mobile using Chrome browser mobile app. Remember, you must register first on bluebay700.com using any of your social media before you can download any photos.

Press Coverage

If you have an event announcement or press release that falls within our areas of coverage, send us your press docket for publishing consideration to pressrelease@bluebay700.com.


Photos published on bluebay700.com with “© bluebay700″ watermark is the work of photographer Josh (bluebay700). To inquire about his services, please check photography.bluebay700.com.


bluebay700.com is a privately run portal and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.