Frequently Asked Questions
General Topic

  1. What is is an online lifestyle magazine and publishing portal geared towards the LGBT+ community, particularly covering the areas of creative arts, fashion, fitness, drag, LGBT-related topics and pop culture. Read more…
  2. Where in the world is based?
    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  3. Where can I ask for help or send some feedback about
    Contact us using our Contact Form.

Subscribers and Readers

  1. How can I download a photo in an album?
    Some photos are not available for download, such as photos not owned by that are limited to press releases only or a story, or have limited distribution clauses. If you’re in the photo, like a meet and greet, you should be able to download a copy for your own personal use. In which case, make sure you login on the site before you download. You need to register one-time before you can login.
  2. Why do I have to sign-up to download my photo? requires subscribers to sign-up to protect our digital assets and the privacy of the individuals who are the subject in our photos.
  3. I just signed up but the site says my account has been suspended already? (discontinued 17-March-2019)
    We recommend you connect to us using your social media (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or Facebook) for a more secured authentication and for privacy. If you only signed up using an e-mail address, you need to contact support via the contact form to activate your account. Unfortunately, e-mail-only registrations are becoming a favorite method for fake users and spammers, hence we require the extra scrutiny.
  4. How can I register through social media?
    We’ve discontinued our reliance on third-party for user registration and authentication (Single Sign-On) due to the privacy and security risks social media platforms subject our readers, as highlighted by recent scandals and exposé in the news. We’ve come to conclude that these companies are not trustworthy, or never where. So we’re eliminating or minimizing our reliance with external companies, especially when it comes to functionalities that is related to reader activity when on the site. Our registration only requires one critical user information, an e-mail address. And that is our very minimum requirement for each reader to protect our digital assets from malicious access. Click this link for instructions on how to sign-up.

Press Coverage

  1. Where can I send a press kit for press coverage consideration?
    Press release, press kit, articles, etc. should emailed to for immediate press coverage consideration. We accommodate topics that falls within our list of preferred content:
    • Articles – opinions and feedback of any published article concerning current events.
    • Drag Race – news and stories related to RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s DragCon.
    • Drag World – news and stories associated with the drag world worldwide.
    • Entertainment – positive celebrity or show business news, entertainer accolades.
    • Lifestyle – topics focused on fitness, health, and LGBT+.
    • Media – multi-media works and stories, must include a publicly accessible web published media.
    • Now Playing – includes music and podcasts that are available for streaming, i.e. soundcloud.
    • People – stories and articles about accomplishments of individuals’ work in the arts.
    • Reviews – reviews of events and various undertakings associated with the LGBT+ community.
    • Sell, Sell, Sell – artistic product announcements.
    • Tidbits – short stories or one-liners of upcoming artist-related endeavor or LGBT+ opinions.
    • Technology – technology trends and major developments.
    • Travel – travel stories and experiences.
  2. What does press coverage entails?
    Once considered, articles will be published on the site and propagated through social media (Twitter and propagated to Instagram and Facebook) daily for one week at either early morning, mid-morning, noon, or mid-afternoon. Permalinks will also be submitted to Google for immediate indexing.
  3. Where can I find the stories on social media?
    Our official public social media distribution channel is @UhmazingPress for Twitter and Instagram. Twitter posts are propagated our official bluebay700 Facebook page. Stories are also propagated to @bluebay700 on Twitter and Instagram.
  4. Do you cover events in person?
    Yes, we cover events related to the LGBT+ community, arts and entertainment. Press or media coverage will include photography and an event write-up. We publish separately official press releases from the event organizer or PR, including recaps and official announcements.

Site Usability

  1. What’s the difference between toolbar search and menu search?
    Toolbar search uses Google Search service to look for content. While sidebar menu search uses in-house service, and only includes press coverage.


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