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Website Terms of Use

When you visit bluebay700.com, you agree to the following Terms of Use, if not, you are advised to leave the website immediately.

  1. You, bluebay700.com visitors (“visitors”), are free to access and share links to all published articles, events, and photographs and leave comments – for registered users. All Admin pages are strictly off-limits – and if this happens, somebody will get fired.
  2. bluebay700.com’s (or “site”) published content are intended for mature people only (18+), if you are a minor you are advised to leave the site immediately.
  3. The site is a Lifestyle Magazine (with plenty of LGBT references). Our writers often use a lot of humor, pun, innuendo, and sarcasm in the articles. Articles are all personal opinion and mainly intended for entertainment, and NOT to defame or demean anyone. Since people nowadays can be easily offended by just about anything, there’s no way for the writers to police themselves in a manner that will produce an article that will please everyone, so if you don’t like what you read stop reading and please leave.
  4. bluebay700.com hates spammers, we have zero tolerance. We will block domains and IP addresses of countries if we have to. And we don’t care if a few bad apples will ruin it for everybody (Outlook.com, we’re watching your fake users registering). We are aware of proxy IP addresses, we don’t care, we will block you still. We don’t care if only one IP address in Canada is left, we just don’t care.
  5. Downloading of apps, downloading of photos, or leaving comments will require user registration.
  6. Visitors are discouraged from leaving advertisements or hateful and very vulgar comments in any of the site’s publications. We will deactivate your account, or block you if you’re a repeat offender.
  7. Visitors may share links to the site’s published content but not copy and republish the contents!
  8. All contents on the site are copyright of bluebay700.com, except for images not bearing the bluebay700 logo watermark, screen captures, or collages containing elements from other images available in the public domain.
  9. If you believe an image published on the site infringes a copyrighted media you own, please contact bluebay700 immediately using the site’s contact form and provide links to the content, your contact information, and proof of copyright.
  10. Content of promoted events and merchandise are copyright of their respective owners.
  11. bluebay700.com reserves the right to change the website Terms of Use without prior notice.

Photos Terms of Use

Use of bluebay700 photographs is subject to the following Terms of Use:

  1. All photos watermarked with bluebay700 logo (“photos” or “photo”) that are published on bluebay700.com, social media, anywhere online, or in print are copyright of bluebay700.
  2. All photography works are by bluebay700, unless specifically stated in the photo caption, watermark, or in the absence of bluebay700 watermark.
  3. Photos are only intended for personal use by the main subject or model being photographed. Personal use means the use of a photo by the subject or model is for personal reasons such as gig promotion (e.g. digital posters for social media promos), personal pursuits, competitions, sharing in social media, or personal documentation, etc. as long as it is not sold or does not fall under commercial use. When sharing photos in social media, retention of bluebay700 logo watermark when cropping or giving photography credit is much appreciated!
  4. Selling of photos; either softcopy, print, or imprinted on other media, including the use of the photos for commercial purpose, or commercial campaigns without securing written permission from bluebay700 is strictly prohibited, and maybe be subject to copyright violation and damages.
  5. bluebay700 reserves the right to change these Terms of Use without prior notice.

Privacy Statement

What personal information do bluebay700.com collect?

  1. bluebay700.com do not collect personal information unless the website visitors volunteer it.
  2. When you register on bluebay700.com, you are required to enter your user name and e-mail address to complete the registration process.
  3. When you voluntarily send bluebay700.com messages using the website contact form, we collect your email address, your internet IP address and your message so that we may reply to you.
  4. bluebay700.com use cookies on this website to allow you to properly navigate the site, to collect aggregated statistics and to remember your settings – if you’re a registered user. We do not use cookies to collect any personal information except where it is explicitly expressed.
  5. bluebay700.com may change this Privacy Statement from time to time without prior notice to reflect the changes to the website.

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