Presenting.The House of Urban Legendary

I had the greatest pleasure of photographing Seattle’s The House of Urban Legendary’s first official photo shoot. Shot on location in an actual cemetery in mid July ’16, the Queens showcased an elaborate and unique take on drag. Check them out at

  • urban-legendary-101-04Download1024W x 768H 496.45KB
  • Urban Legendary (bluebay700)Download768W x 1024H 671.55KB
  • urban-legendary-103-16Download1024W x 768H 360.56KB
  • dutchess-drew-nightshade-203-35Download768W x 1024H 301.69KB
  • dutchess-drew-nightshade-100-42Download1024W x 768H 303.17KB
  • deb-leigh-nightshade-101-10Download1024W x 768H 453.73KB
  • deb-leigh-nightshade-102-26Download1024W x 768H 402.17KB
  • haileyween-nightshade-100-15Download1024W x 768H 391.89KB
  • haileyween-nightshade-101-18Download1024W x 768H 368.83KB

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