Cynthia Lee Fontaine


Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Drag Queen, Singer

Carlos Díaz Hernández

February 16, 1981


Austin, Texas, USA


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Cynthia Lee Fontaine is a Puerto Rican and American drag artist and singer, who came into the national spotlight after competing in two seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race and winning Miss Congeniality on her first stint.

A liver cancer survivor – which she revealed on season 9 of Drag Race – and a prolific makeup artist, content producer and singer. She has produced two shows on her YouTube channel, Cucu Confessions and Memoirs of My Cucu.

Her debut single “Pegajosa” and accompanying music video was released in 2018.

She continue touring, making appearances, and giving interviews after Drag Race. Amidst the pandemic, she has joined the live stream show by Producer Entertainment Group called, “Digital DragFest“. While under self-quarantine, she showcased Trixie Matel’s beauty product line in a number of drag makeup photos she shared on her Twitter.





Cynthia Lee Fontaine is best known for competing on RuPaul's Drag Race season 8, finishing 10th place and winning Miss Congeniality. She was invited to compete again on the following season, where she made her first appearance as a cliffhanger on its season premiere.

She popularized the word "cucu," meaning buttocks, which she came up with as a child to avoid getting in trouble from her parents when using the real word.


Cynthia Lee Fontaine released her debut first single, "Pegajosa" on November 13, 2018. She's also featured on the music video "Pam Pam" by Allen King.

She created multiple shows on her YouTube channel, and headlined a one-woman show called Cynthia Lee Fontaine: More Intimate CuCu Confessions.

She also made appearances as an exhibitor on RuPaul's DragCon in Los Angeles and New York.

She joined other drag artists and performers on Producer Entertainment Group's live stream show "Digital DragFest" while in-person touring gigs aren't possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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