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Horseradish Tree

#beingMe I think I’ve picked up a new hobby, farming, & it only took 3yrs. #mySeeds #germinating #herb #secretPlant Sidebar: The thing about this plant is, it will only grow in an arid humid temperamental environment. The fact that it actually sprouted, is a testament to the harshness of this year’s summer and climate change.

Sorry, I Can’t Stop Talking

I Googled myself (query string: “bluebay700 news“), and this is what turned up: 10 Things I Found When I Googled Myself Want some sugar and diabetes? Glenn Stewart “Around Again” Director’s cut. ‘The Walking Dead’ News: Fans On Twitter Devastated RuPaul’s DragCon 2016: The Internet Reacts! #beingME in other news… this is me anticipating #DragCon […]