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Sorry, I Can’t Stop Talking

I Googled myself (query string: “bluebay700 news“), and this is what turned up: 10 Things I Found When I Googled Myself Want some sugar and diabetes? Glenn Stewart “Around Again” Director’s cut. ‘The Walking Dead’ News: Fans On Twitter Devastated RuPaul’s DragCon 2016: The Internet Reacts! #beingME in other news… this is me anticipating #DragCon […]

There comes a time when we get too comfortable in social media. And for some reason we go through our network, and see all these great people, and you’re like, “crap, they’ve witnessed all my meltdown.” And there’s no way you can erase all the drama, except to maybe say, “I’m taking an acting class. […]

#lifeNotes I must admit that there are times I think about getting one of those “relationship” thingies kids these days talk about. Then I go on social media and read the news, and recall what I had to go through to get out of it, and I’m like… “I’m ok, but thanks for brainstorming.”